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¿Qué es Nahen?

• What is Nahen? NAHEN is a micro company that is responsible for making outfit for all occasions, our garments are completely handmade.

• How to order? In the albums there is a great variety of fabric and shirt styles that you can choose, whichever you like, just send a photo of what you want and as soon as it is available I will make your quote.

• Payments? Payments would be through Pay PAL, MOBILE AHT, BANCO POPULAR DEPOSIT and WALMART TO WALMART.

• NAHEN will collect your order; After being accepted by the client, changes can not be made. If you want any change, you will have an additional cost. Once the customer sends your deposit it will take approximately 2 weeks to send your order. After we place your order you have a period of 7 days to pay the balance, otherwise you will lose your money and the order will be put on sale. Remember that if your order is for a specific date please send your deposit as soon as possible. If the order does not arrive in time due to mail problems, there is no refund of money, you must make your order well in advance. The shipping days are Monday and healed. No work will begin until you pay your deposit. The orders are worked by the size that you provide, this sure they are the correct ones since they will not have return. We are not responsible for any damage that your piece has after arriving at its destination. NAHEN makes delicate seams, which makes it necessary to wash it delicately.